Thursday, 3 October 2013

September: Hit, Miss or Maybe

First off, I should point out that this has been my shortest list ever! It is pitiful. But I can explain. Basically I haven't been to the cinema this month. And although I have rented a few films on itunes, number 2 on my list is the only film I hadn't seen before, hence the very short list. It makes matters worse as I actually saw The Way Way back on 30th August. Tough month man.

1. The Way Way Back - HIT

From watching the trailer this definitely had the 'from the makers of Little Miss Sunshine' all over it. And its a good thing, this film was great! Although the poster may be the generic, teen in big glasses that includes title but behind that is a really great character with a fantastic supporting cast. The film really belongs to Liam James who plays Duncan the poor teen who is forced to spend the summer at his mum's boyfriend's beach house along with his brattish daughter. Duncan is shy and really doesn't want to be there so he goes exploring and eventually gets a job at the local water park, Water Whizz, where he makes friends, has fun and is actually part of something. Pam (Duncan's mum) is also an outsider at first but soon makes friends, but Trent (her boyfriend) doesn't make things easy for Duncan always putting him down and treating him in a mean way, this is because he is so obviously jealous of the boy. The film begins with Trent calling Duncan a '3' which Duncan holds onto for the entire film. You wait through the entire film for him to get back at Trent in some way but instead its a more quiet moral revenge. Sam Rockwell, who works at Water Whizz and befriends Duncan was a definite selling point of the film. He brings light humour and makes sure the film doesn't get too serious.

2. My Man Godfrey - HIT

I have been dying to see this films for years! I had read, like you do, about it being one of the better screwball comedies and oh it was. William Powell is Godfrey, a down on his luck man who lives in the city dump. Not quite a rubbish heap but a place for the other 'forgotten men' to carve a living out of. He is picked by flighty Carole Lombard's socialite, Irene, who is in need of a 'forgotten man' for a scavenger hunt and is desperate to beat her sister. He helps her win the hunt and in return she hires him as her family's butler. She becomes infatuated with him and he just tries to do his job, It was hilarious. I was laughing the whole time. The family, particularly the women of the house are always in an up roar. The elder sister a moody bitch, the mother, who is always in hysterics about something and Irene is always harassing poor Godfrey in an affectionate and amusing way. There is one particular scene where she prevents to faint so Godfrey puts her in the shower. This is a film to show just how bad modern day rom-coms are. There have been a trend for romantic comedies with a twist but they are still bad compared to the genius of this film. I can only compare it to the brilliant Hudsucker Proxy.

3. Rush - HIT

I think they made a mistake when marketing this. A big deal was made about Chris Hemsworth who plays James Hunt when in fact it is Niki Lauda's film and then it is in fact all about Daniel Bruhl. I should make this clear though, I have been a Daniel Bruhl fan since 'Goodbye Lenin' so I may be slightly bias. Not knowing much, if anything about about Formula One driving I found this film fascinating and really thrilling, especially during the race sequences. The fact I didn't know the history about the races, apart Niki Lauda's infamous car crash, it was exciting to see who won and lost. The film follows the rivalry between the British driver James Hunt and the Austrian driver Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One season. I have read everywhere that this will be Daniel Bruhl's breakout performance, in US anyway, but both the leads gave great performances. I agree both were good but Daniel Bruhl really does steal the scene every time he is on screen. You can see that he is, ultimately the better man and the better driver, especially as James Hunt retired from driving a few years after 1976. The end sequence, which mixes in real footage from the two drivers' races and actual footage of the real Hunt and Lauda, felt like a personal note to the drivers themselves. Although the voiceovers fro both the actors was annoying and I didn't think was needed as much, the final voiceover felt like a moment of praise and respect to Hunt from Lauda. A happy ending of sorts. This is one of the very few sports films I really enjoyed.

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  1. bigger than my list though! Mitch really wanted to see Rush I was like 'no way'. Kinda regretting that now...might have to catch it on dvd x