Sunday, 4 August 2013

Drinking Up With The Joneses

These days I don't drink that much, at least not compared to my (secondary) school, drama group, college and Uni days. Yes, I did start drinking at a young age, don't judge now, I'm sure you all did too. But since graduating I drink far sight less, mostly because I can't afford it or I'm getting old in my bones and just can't bare a hangover if it happens. Anyway, when I do go out and have a drink, I drink! So went an evening combines this aaaand films, I just know it's going to be a good evening.

I haven't played many film drinking games, there was a titanic one where everyone basically forgot the rules and ending up drinking when Jack and Rose said each other's names so we were all pretty drunk 1 hour in. Then there was the Eurovision drinking game, which I know is technically not a film, but it was on a screen. That game was hilarious and we actually stuck to the rules. Then of course there was the drinking game where we made up our own rules for Romy and Michele's Highschool Reunion. Also a very good game.

This time round, it was an impromptu drinking game with Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

I had originally suggested The Big Lebowski but a few people hadn't seen the film before and I thought that such a masterpiece deserves to be seen sober first before the amazing sounding drinking game could be played, so I persuaded everyone to choose an Indiana Jones film instead.

The rules could be used for any of the three film (the fourth film has been scrubbed from my memory so shall not be named) but seeing as we had all seen the third film, we went for that.

These are the rules which I found on Total Film's website, so thank you Total Film.

It was safe to say that were quite tipsy after the first sequence as many things on the list applied, especially the snake bit.

A really fun night and a recommend this game to all Indy fans. Next we will try The Big Lebowski but I was very tempted by the Die Hard game too, oh and the The Lord of the Ring trilogy drinking game, which one day I shall conquer!

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