Tuesday, 23 April 2013

That Darn Coat!

I think everyone in the UK can all shout out loud 'I CAN FINALLY TAKE MY DARN COAT OFF!' The sun was out today, can you believe it, a week day. The sun has only seemed to make an appearance on the weekends and scarcely at best.

It has been 6 long months of wearing our winter coats and bundling up in scarves, hats and what not. The Game of Thrones phrase could not have been more perfect, 'Winter is coming'. For a while I actually thought winter was going to last until Summer! Now I just hope that Spring stays and makes everything cheerful.

No more restrictive, uncomfortable, bulky, annoying coats. Everyone breeeeeath. But don't hold your breath, April showers could still happen. Fingers crossed.

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