Saturday, 6 April 2013

An Supernatrual Interlude

It's been a pretty tough/awful week. The highlight was finally buying a camera to replace the lost one. I still have no idea where it is. Haven't seen it since Christmas.

I could say, 'would you mind excusing me from this week so I get my shiz together and write my blog post after the weekend' but I thought that was just lazy or rude, I'm not sure which. But to be honest the most interesting thing to happen this week, camera aside, was my small blue clock which I have had since I was 8, stopped, at 19:15. I thought it got messed up because of the time change, clocks went forward. I sorted it out but when I went to check the time, it was right back to 19:15, no joke.

Strange things happen in this house, its spooky at times. I'm sure I've told my friends at some point about the moving toilet paper rolls and the tissue boxes that moved by themselves. Or the time I heard something crash fall downstairs at night and when I went to see what had happened, nothing was wrong, everything was fine. That freaked me out. The worst one was when I saw the shadow of a small boy in my doorway. I should note that all these strange things happen when I'm alone in the house. It unnerves me.

Anyone who wonders why I jump at everything, well this is why. An overactive imagination and I live with a ghost. Or ghosts. That involves more investigation. Or I could just call Bill Murray and the crew.

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