Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Postcard Love

I have boxes, bags, draws, walls full of pretty postcards. I pick them up from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes I get carried away I don't realise they aren't free . . . .  but then I realise my mistake and buy them.

My point is, if I see a postcard I like, I have to have it.

The postcards below, have been driving me crazy. In Curzon cinemas' magazine, they said they would be available in the cinemas, but alas, I never found them. All winners for the 'Stoker' film competition and all a mystery.

By Ricardo Bessa
 by Dan Gray
 by Daniel Weatheritt
by Ainsley Knott

by Emma Saynor

If anyone sees these postcards ANYWHERE please let me know, its driving me crazy!

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