Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Art of Avoiding Someone

There is always that awkward moment when you recognise someone that you haven't seen in a while but you don't really want to talk to them, but you remember that this person will want to talk, maybe for ages, or walk with you and talk, but you really don't want to do that, at least, not today. The moment is made awkward when you try and escape them but you see them, then they see you, running away. You end up staring at each other for a second and then to avoid further awkwardness you dash in the opposite direction. This happened to me today when I was getting off the train. I noticed that the person in front of me reminded me of someone, I thought it was someone else and was about to say hello, when I realised it wasn't. I worked all this out from the back of their head and their voice (they were on the phone). I decided the best way to hide from someone was to stand directly behind them, which I did.  I followed them almost out of the station, I thought I had got away from them, but no. They were meeting someone and they were waiting at the door of the station, so they could maybe see me. I knew this other person too and actually wanted to avoid them because I didn't like them and they insulted a film I really liked. So I did the classic, scratch my head and turn away move, then the dash out of the station. It worked, I was free to walk in the sunshine eating my apple. Twas a good day indeed.

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