Sunday, 27 March 2011

It Combines Two of My Favourite Things

The film is done!!! Really ecstatic about how good the footage looks and everyone was awesome! There is also a teaser trailer for the film to be found:

 Tomorrow I'll start looking through the shots and maybe matching them up with the audio but I really should be doing my dissertation. Its about violence and the Coen brothers (two of my favourite things) but the thought about writing 6,000 words is soul destroying. I just want to edit my film and then maybe watch some Harper's Island and then pass on the DVD so everyone watches Harper's Island. But if I've managed not to eat crisps or chocolate over the course of the shoots I think I should be able to write the damn dissertation. It will take me two days without doing anything else, but it will get done.


  1. The trailer is cool (kyri is v.funny). Can't wait for the finished film!

  2. i'll have to show the photos at some point too