Thursday, 30 March 2017

TMP Television Edition: Period Drama

There are too many awesome period dramas out there to choose from, I found it very hard to pick. There are countless amazing mini series as well as continuing dramas so.... I'm breaking the rules here with 5 continuing dramas and 5 mini series... I couldn't resist.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

I think I've mentioned how much I love this murder mystery series from Australia. Miss Fisher, the most glamourous lady detective, swans around in amazing outfits, rescuing orphans, fighting crime and having a pretty good time. Her chemistry with police detective Jack Robinson is also something not to miss. The supporting main cast are superb too, none are left out.

Crimes of Passion

Another great love of mine. Swedish crime drama about Puck, a scholar interested in murder and crime. She, along with her adorable husband Einar and their close friend, police superintendent Christer, slove crimes, that just so happen to take place near or where they are going to be. Puck is brilliant as an unconventional woman in the 50s as well as being an ace sleuth.


This was a show I was obsessed about when I first discovered HBO and when I had my first laptop so I could watch DVDs in my room. I was in heaven. I bought the first series super cheap and became obsessed with this 30s depression era set fantasty/sci-fi/weird drama. With characters all part of a travelling carnivale, Ben, a loner and outsider with an amazing gift joins them. Elsewhere a preacher and his sister hide their past lives and origin, but when the preacher himself starts manifesting powers, the pieces fall slowly together is a sinister and mangled way. Seriously though, I loved this show so much. It ends of a cliffhanger which annoyed me and the fans that petitioned for a proper ending. It never happened. Carnivale fans will forever be in limbo or worse, Babylon, fans will get that. Amazing opening titles though, so theres that. 


I wasn't sure about this show when I first started. Based a series of books written by an American woman about Scotland seemed a bit too romantic-ish but as there was fantasy element as well as bit o history drama, I was hooked. Plus I do love the leads, Claire and Jamie do keep it going. But I am a bit skeptic about season 3....

The most recent of  all my picks, Tom Hardy made, Tom Hardy acted. A gritty story set in London 1814 when the notorious James Delaney returns from Africa soon after the death of his father. He soon causes a stir with his violent methods and strange practices and catches the eye of the East India Company as well as the Crown. It's brilliant although I didn't like the end much but there is a series 2 planned so we'll see how it goes.

And the marvelous mini series...

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  1. Carnivale was sooooooo weird! I really should finish that series some day. Of these, I did try to watch Taboo but it didn't really work for me. Outlander I watched when I had a free preview of Starz, but I only saw the first season. I haven't seen the rest.

  2. Another Miss Fisher fan YAY!!! Essie Davis is so marvelous in the lead and the series is everything you said and more. LOVE Miriam Margolyes as Aunt Prudence, her exasperation at Phryne's shenanigans is priceless.

    Again great to find another fan of Carnivale. So strong, weird and brooding while being compelling the whole time. It took me a while to get use to Tim DeKay on White Collar after seeing him as Jonesy on this. Such different characters.

    I haven't seen the others though Taboo is on my list to catch when I can.

    You're right that the choices are vast this week so I turned to the first type of show I think of when I hear the words period drama British/BBC programming.

    Poldark (2015-present)-In the 1780’s Ross Poldark returns to his ancestral home on the Cornish Coast of England after fighting in the American Revolutionary War to discover in his absence the advent of several distressing facts. His father has died leaving their lands in disarray, he himself had been presumed dead and Elizabeth, the woman he loved in despair has married his cousin. Times are hard and Ross has to find a way to rise out of penury, resolve his feelings between the now out of reach Elizabeth and Demelza the woman he has turned to while dealing with a despicable and shameless foe. Brooding and frustrating at times but consistently interesting.

    Call the Midwife (2012-present)-Wanting to help others young, well to do Jenny Lee becomes a midwife in London’s East End during the late 50’s and early 60’s. To do so she must live in a convent among sisters trained in midwifery as well and slowly loses her naiveté about the way the world really works. Terrific mix of pathos, joy, triumphs and sorrows played by a cast of great British actresses with nice period detail. Based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs and narrated by Vanessa Redgrave.

    The Grand (1997-1998)-As WWI comes to a close the Bannerman’s reopen the family’s hotel The Grand in London after a refurbishing done in hopes of revitalizing business in the postwar boom. They are also hoping to provide a comfortable return for their soldier son who has come back from war with what was then termed battle fatigue. However problems quickly arise forcing the inclusion of an unwanted partner. From here the series deals with the conflicts that arise within the family and the guests, some of whom are there for a day and others long term. The excellent ensemble includes the great Susan Hampshire and as the shell shocked son Stephen Moyer who is better known as Bill Compton from his years on True Blood.

  3. You picked 10 series and I haven't seen any of them :O

  4. Of course, I have seen none but have wanted to see Miss. Fisher for a while. I wanted to see Carnivale but I have no HBO and now I'm not sure since it ends on a cliff hanger. The mini series sounds great. I loved the book And Then There Were None and the play-the same thing except for the ending, Ten Little Indians. I heard Mildred Pierce was good but quite the movie with the suffering Joan Crawford at her best

  5. You are the 2nd one to list Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, it must be good.

  6. Cool picks! Carnivale was such a great show, and it was a shame it was cut short. Taboo was just okay for me. Tom Hardy really kept me invested in it, and the production design was gorgeous. I think he said that he wanted his character to be Sherlock Holmes meets Hannibal, and he really did that. But season two might be just as good, or even better. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is something I really need to start!

  7. the time travel fantasy elements.

    Taboo just started airing here, but I'm not quite in the mood for a dark period crime drama.

    War and Peace - Didn't enjoy it.

    Lorna Doone - saw it ages ago, can't remember much.

    Mary Bryant is one that I've been wanting to watch.

    And Then There Were None - Like it, thought it was well done.