Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Around the World: Ireland

The next film in my Around the World venture is closer to home in Ireland and a hell of a lot more accessible than Scottish and Welsh films, which are proving difficult to find a copy of. My Name is Emily, has beyond annoying title which doesn't hint at the story or content or topic apart from the fact its about a girl named Emily. 

Recognized as Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books/films, Evanna Lynch is Emily; a teenager living with foster parents after her dad (Michael Smiley) is committed to a psychiatric institution. She reminisces and recalls her life when her dad was successful author and lecturer but after my mother died in an accident, he started to lose his grip on reality. She has inherited his philosophical outlook on life and is wise beyond her years and elders at times, but is otherwise seen as sad and closed off. She catches her classmate, Arden’s eye at school and attempts to befriend her. He is bewitched by her and says, when he sees her, he ‘wants to disappear into the pores of her pale skin’ and that anyone who has been electrocuted would understand how he feels. When Emily doesn’t receive a letter from her father on her birthday she decides to travel to the institution and break him out. She asks Arden to help her and seeing as he has his own issues at home and wants to escape, the two go on a road trip.

Part road trip movie and part self-discovery and part father daughter drama but by no means over dramatic. The cast are perfect, especially the father daughter parts as Lynch and Smiley really do look like they could be related. There is nothing imposing about the characters, as they seem developed but lack delicate detail, which makes the story easy to follow and enjoy. But there is a danger of it becoming too sweet and plain at the same time. As it is mainly about two teenagers going on a road trip, I am reluctant to use the words ‘coming of age film’ as those words are over used and to be honest, they are already of age.  Despite Emily’s dad being the author of ‘Swimming and Sex’, there is also the air of innocence about the duo. He likes her but he never tries it on with her and eventually she opens up to him and is satisfactory and downplayed. 

Of course it wouldn’t be Ireland without a few beautiful landscape shots to round of the story.

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  1. This sounds like something I'd watch. I've never seen Evanna in anything other than the HP movies.