Wednesday, 22 February 2017

TMP Television Edition: Superheroes/Super Powers

Superheros and super powers could technically be included in sci-fi shows...but just like the movies this theme has spawned its own genre in the land of TV. Only problem is is that I despise anything that comes out of CW channel as all that Green Arrow Smallville Supergirl Flash bs makes me ill.... Of course there is Heroes but that wasn't great after Season 1. And there is of course Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but I'll save them for another day.

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I've only seen the first episode but I'm intrigued. Looked a bit up about the mutant named Legion and oh my is he insane. He's a mutant with multiple powers which makes him an Omega and highly dangerous and powerful. He is also the son of Charles Xavier. I love the X-Men comics and movies (apart from X3) so this caught my eye.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Back in the day (fans with get this reference) it was decided to bring back Agent Coulson and Whedon was the man to do it. BUT its still a shame that the show is ignored in the greater scheme of things. BUT its also awesome that the show does include everything, which made Season one right in the middle of the Hydra frak up. Coulson and his team start out by finding odd things and fixing them, not always space-y sometimes just plain old spy-y. The show evolved into an Inhumans story arc that never really went away even though lost of things have been going on. But I really only picked the show as it has my favourite characters, Agents Fitz and Simmons or FitzSimmons as they are known as. There is talk that the team will appear in Infinity Wars and if so this will be epic.

After a weird lightening storm five young offenders find that they have powers. The powers reflect their insecurites and flaws. It was a huge show when it first started but after series 3 when most of the original cast had (SPOILERS) been killed off, left or was arrested (yep this happened) the show fell apart ans just wasn't good anymore. The reason for the powers aren't really touched upon but instead they find others in the story that have powers for better or worse but soon the stories escalate into big storylines over life and death. Deep stuff bruv. Forgotten gem.


  1. Great picks! I've heard so many great things about Misfits but I haven't seen a single episode :(
    Legion sounds well worth a watch!

  2. Fitzsimmons! I love them. I used AoS on a later week. Legion is pretty good so far, I'm enjoying it. I never saw Misfits but I did watch a few clips of it when Iwan Rheon was cast in Game of Thrones. Those were some pretty good scenes at least. lol

  3. Katie,

    We have Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.D is on our Netflix Watch List. I'm glad to read the review on Legion. The trailer intrigued me. I definitely will look for this now. Misfit I'll also check out. Thanks for sharing and have a good afternoon!

  4. I have yet to see Legion but unless it is on regular TV, I won't be seeing it any time soon. I only saw the first season of Shield and got bored although I wanted to know what really happened to Agent Coulsen and find out why he thought he spent time in Hawaii. I have not seen Misfits and probably won't.

  5. I love FitzSimmons, they are my favourite thing about the show.

  6. I started off hot and heavy with AoS, but drifted away from it near the end of the first season. Happened to catch an episode a month or two ago and was completely lost. Maybe I'll catch up one of these days. Haven't seen either of your other picks.

  7. I just found Daisy annoying so I couldn't watch S.H.I.E.L.D after a few episodes.
    Love Misfits.
    I'm watching Legion too. It's intriguing. It has an interesting look. There are times when it's sort of draggy and sometimes things happen without much build up to it which isn't good. But then other stuff happens that is just like "wow" this is getting somewhere. So I'll keep watching.