Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies About Artists (Painters)

Little Ashes
This was an odd watch. I didn't know anything about Salvador Dali apart from some of his paintings and his work with Hitchcock, but this was more about his relationship with the poet Federico García Lorca and his friendship with Luis Buñuel. Focusing more on the artist and his artistic friends before they became famous. Nothing special to be honest.

Far better the second time I watched it. I think I've used this film before but I couldn't resist again. Salam Hayek was perfect as the unique artist Frida Kahlo. With an amazing life and art that is sometimes hard to look at, its a visual masterpiece.

Mr Turner
A more recent biopic about the one and only J.M.W. Turner for whom the Turner Prize is named after. Seems an insult now though as the award goes to terrible art that isn't really art. Anyway the film is about Turner's later life, including the death of his father and his relationship with a widow who lives by the sea. It's very long but it's mike Leigh at his best. 

Don't forget to check out where it all started over at Wandering Through the Shelves.


  1. I haven't heard of the first film but it sounds interesting...anything is interesting when it is about Dali. Frida has been on my to watch list for ever so I have to finally see it. I saw Turner because I love the artist ever since I was a kid but I was disappointed by this film. I like the actor but I couldn't get into his portrayal with all his grunting

  2. Frida is a popular pick this week, but I love the fact that you picked Mr. Turner. I almost picked it myself, but I finally kept it at the honorable mentions. I love how beautiful the visuals of Mr. Turner, almost as if it is taken directly from his paintings.

  3. I've only seen parts of Frida. I remember Mr. Turner from that year's Oscar season because it randomly got nominated somewhere and I had never heard of it. lol

  4. Frida is a popular pick. Perhaps should check it out. Federico García Lorca was one of Leonard Cohen's idols so I may check out Little Ashes as well.

  5. I agree, Salma Hayek was perfect in Frida.

  6. Katie, thank you for the intro of your first and third picks. I will keep these in mind. This film style has been a hard one for me to warm up to since it's not a movie subject that compels me but at least I can learn a thing or two from others' perspective from their selections. Have a good week and thanks for stopping by!