Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Around the World: France

After The Stolen Years I really needed cheering up so once again took to Netflix to see what their 'international' section had to offer. I came across Blind Date but passed it as I wasn't quite convinced of the story, but after a scrolling scrolling I thought, why not!

There is something different about French romantic comedies that makes them fun to watch. Anything that is churned out of Hollywood and most British rom-coms lack a spark of originality but you can argue that's the genre, it has a formula that they all follow. But somehow, for me the French can play out their silly romantic comedic set ups but its actually good.

Blind Date or Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglement is actually no different from any other rom-com. Two people, a shy pianist and an irritable recluse game/puzzle maker become neighbours but the problem is that the wall that separates their flats/apartments is a thin hollow wall so they can hear everything the other is doing or saying. Of course this causes some issues and the two end up in a noise war before coming to a strict routine. But after a passionate piano recital the two spend all night talking. They start to date but without seeing each other. They take meals together and move their beds close to the wall and to them this is the perfect arrangement. But who can have a relationship as unique as this and keep it going?

The leads, whos names we don't find out, are amusing separetely as they intereact with others. Each seeing the relationship as something special, they have someone in their lives and they can keep their own space, but together (through the wall) they are actually quite sweet and the wall becomes a barrier in more ways then one. The argument that causes their break up (you knew this would happen) should have been bigger. The wall between them is ever present and doesn't really come down until very near the end, but apart from this, it was charming story. There is an odd side story about the pianist's sister who cheats on her husband and this isn't really given much depth apart from that she doesn't seem to care. The game maker's friend is given more of a back story apart from why he;s still friends with the game maker who is actually mean to him most of the time. But, I suppose, in rom-com land it doesn't matter.

Blind Date was the escapism I needed which is odd to say so early on in this challenge. Typically French and fun to watch, bring on more French rom-coms!

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  1. Interesting. I like the sound of this movie, I'm going to put it in my Netflix queue.

  2. This movie sounds like so much fun! I am a sucker for a romcom, and I've watched so very few foreign movies, so this is absolutely perfect for me. Thank you!