Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Something Wicked

Last week after probably 10 years, I went to see Wicked the musical for the second time. Unlike films which you can go to whenever you please, a theatre trip takes planning and saving, depending on what seats you want. My friend has been dying to see the show and I was more than happy to go. We had amazing seats, front row of the dress circle and we didn't pay an arm and a leg either.

The show was just as amazing as I remember with a few songs I had clearly forgotten. The songs, music, costumes and the story were all perfect. After the show ended, I thought it was about time I read the books. My friend during Uni had read them all and tried to get me to, but I of course had my 'no more than 300 pages' rule, which is silly but its more about concentration. But if its a good book, it doesn't matter.

I remembered sometime last year, it came to my attention that an artist had created artwork for an animated version of Wicked. I assume the musical, as its a little more child friendly than what I've heard about the book. The artwork is amazing and it has been drawn in the style of Disney. It was all over the internet back in 2013 but with my recent trip back to the musical and the building news about the possible film adaptation of the musical too, I thought I'd bring the art work. The artist is Minkyu Lee who worked on The Princess and the Frog and the art work was created while she was interning at Disney. Hopefully the spark of interest and everyone's enthusiasm could be enough for a prompt from the Mouse House but with the musical soon on it's way, I'm not too sure.

It would be amazing to see a 2D version of the film, alas I think this is just a dream as we all know, Disney favours 3D. But I can dream.

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