Friday, 25 March 2016

Fandom Friday: Geeky Wears

I don't usually buy 'geeky' wears but I do have a few tshirts that fall under this category, I've also had to sell a few things too, just for th usual reasons, they don't suit or they don't look/fir right. I don't like to wear tshirts but all the best designs on them. I've bought from Society 6 before and from TeeFury as I like designs that are inspired by films and TV.

My picks are all from TeeFury as I recently bought a couple of tshirts (making them my own once they arrived) from the site. Here are my favourites:

I love these 'bromance' designs by Nan Lawson.

I love Roller Derby so these pin-up like poses by the Gotham City Roller Derby Girls, villains and our favourite Marvel super heros/agents were too difficult to resist. I have the Catwoman tshirt and I wore it to a game!

I had been eyeing these Studio Ghibli inspired designs for a while...

Being a huge Futurama fan, these caught my eye, especially the Suicide Squad inspired design.

And I've always loved X-Men themed designs, these have been my favourite.

Last but not least, the Rey and BB-8 inspired designs. The Little Prince and Adventures of Tintin are just brilliant. In fact I have bought the latter I loved it so much. Can't resist Tintin themed things. I still have my Tintin man tshirt somewhere.


  1. Love the 1st X-Men design and the Gotham Roller Derby Girls. Good stuff!

  2. I love Nan Lawson! I have two of her prints and they are just too beautiful.

  3. These designs are amazing I've had my eye on those Roller Derby ones for a while xoxo

  4. I'm very tempted to get the x-men tshirt, very tempted.

  5. They are aren't they, beautiful artwork. I have a couple of her prints and I have the Fantastic Mr Fox tshirt :)

  6. I almost went for a poison ivy but thought catwoman was better but I would like them all - a villain per day.