Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies about Music/Making Music/Musicians

 Now, the rules for this theme are quite strict. No Biopics or any focus on real life musicians. There are actually plenty of films that are about music or making music or about musicinas themselves.  Don't forget to check out what Wandering Through the Shelves picked, the blog that started Thursday Movie Picks.

British film about a a call centre worker who tries to start a band. Simple idea, bring together those who wish to make music. A guitarist who wants a record deal and falls in love with the bassist. It's a gentle story with added music.

Inside Llewyn Davis
I've been dying to pick a Coen Brothers film and this was a perfect fit. The latest of the brothers film inspired by the folk music scene in New York in 60s, they created the definition of a truggling artist who goes full circle. Singing soulfully to getting gigs, to causing drama, losing money, giving up to singing soulfully to causing drama and so on. Great music and the brilliant Oscar Issacs.

School of Rock
This had to be included at some point. Back in 2003, this was the film to watch when I was at school. Not only was the finale performance damn good but those kids was ace musicians. A deadbeat musician poses as a substitute teacher for money then use and trains the children to be his band so he can enter a battle of the bands contest. There nothing about the plot that I don't like.


  1. I like School of Rock, there's something very nostalgic about that film to me. 1234 sounds really interesting. I wasn't a fan of Inside Lewlyn Davis, but I loved the soundtrack. Great picks!

  2. Great pics and I like quirky films. I still have to see Inside Lewlyn Davis. School of Rock is good with those amazing kids but Jack Black is always someone i want to give a vallium to

  3. I did love the music for Lewlyn Davis, but most of the songs I found quite sad. You're right about School of Rock - its nostalgic - especially when you see the kids grown up.

  4. Thank you! Hahahah not a Jack Black fan. The kids are brilliant, such great muscians at 10 years old!

  5. The only one I've seen is School of Rock. I saw it under a bit of duress, it was my buddy's turn to pick the picture we saw and not being much of a Jack Black fan I was less than thrilled but it turned out to be the best I ever saw of his films. Too bad he hasn't found anything that's fit him so well since. Haven't watched it since though.

    I've gone back and forth on Llewyn Davis, I've heard both good and bad but I like Oscar Isaacs so I'll catch up with it eventually. 1234 sounds kind of cool but looks like it will be hard to track down.

    Loved working on this theme since it could go in so many different directions. I tried to find
    one each that looked at different types of music, classical, jazz, rock and a brass band. My extra stretches the rules a bit, it’s not a strict bio but is based on the band whose music is used in the film.

    Humoresque (1946)-Violin prodigy Paul Boray (John Garfield) is scraping by because his temper and impatience with others less talented than he keeps getting in his way. One night performing at a party he meets Helen Wright (Joan Crawford), a neurotic socialite on her third husband who takes him under her
    wing and turns him into a star at great cost to them both. Amazing music, beautiful noirish photography and perhaps Crawford's career best performance.

    Blues in the Night (1941)-"Jigger" Lane's jazz band is so down on their luck they are catching a lift in a boxcar when they befriend a gangster, Del Davis who happens to run a roadhouse and offers them a job. What seems at first a break is just the start of their troubles. Del's moll Kay takes a fancy to Leo, one of the band members, causing much pain to his wife, the band's singer Character. Jigger tries to distract her but is driven to madness by Kay's cruelty and things only go downhill from there. Atmospheric music drama, not a musical. Good cast including Priscilla Lane, Jack Carson and in a rare acting role future director Elia Kazan as one of the boys in the band.

    Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)-An ambitious young reporter (Ellen Barkin) latches onto the story of the mysterious death of rock legend Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare). Through her research and the reminiscences of former members of Eddie’s band she begins to uncover hidden facts that make her question the known facts
    of the band’s rise and his demise. A pastiche of the legends of James Dean, The Doors and Bruce Springsteen this rock & roll drama produced a soundtrack album by John Caffrey & the Beaver Brown Band that was far more successful than the movie ever was.

    Honorable Mention-Brassed Off (1996)-The coal miners in a northern England town play in a brass band which is as old as the mine itself. Now when it is faced with closure the band members pull together to offer support and a chance at survival. Great music.

  6. I guess I've seen School of Rock, if you count all the times I caught a bit here and a piece there on TV. Once of these days I need to give it a proper watch. The only one I've seen all the way through is Inside Llewyn Davis which I love. Isaac is excellent in this movie. Never heard of 1234, but it sounds very interesting. Great post.

  7. I've only seen School of Rock from your picks. I haven't heard of 1234, and have yet to see Inside Llewyn Davis, though I've heard good things about it. Great picks!

  8. Thank you! Its one of those lazy day films you can lounge and watch. Then rock out to wake yourself up :) I do love Isaac, he's got such a great voice.

  9. Thank you! I thought that 1234 would be wild card pick :)

  10. Jack Black is an acquired taste but he has impressed in smaller roles, like Cradle Will Rock and I quite liked him in King Kong. But I do get what you mean. 1234 will indeed to be difficult. I found it on DVD in a sale but you might find it on Amazon for cheap or on a website somewhere on the internet.

    I've not heard of your picks, they sound interesting - will look at some trailers. I have seen Brassed Off - love that film - the ending is brilliant.

  11. School of Rock is a lot of fun.
    I really enjoyed Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Issac is really good in it.
    I've actually never heard of something to check out.

  12. 1234 is definitely hard to find, but its worth seeking it out :)

  13. I came so close to picking both School of Rock, but I'd already used it for Teachers. My middle school students (when I was a first year teacher around the time it came out) used to say I looked and acted like Jack Black in this movie. Inside Llewyn Davis didn't work for me as well as I wanted it to, as a huge Coen Brothers fan. Really need to watch it again.