Thursday, 5 November 2015

Captured in Color

Fom time to time I like to break away from my film and TV posts so here are some photographs Ive taken.

I've had a roll of film in my camera since May when I went to Cornwall and I just got it developed today. I used up the last photos trying to catch out squirrels in the gardens up on Richmond Hill but I wasn't quick enough.

I miss my black and white film and with Winter setting it, I thought it would be much better. I rarely use colour but with the Summer and Autumn colours I thought they captured the seasons. Slightly different to what I usually like to do, but the subjects are the same, sea, trees, old buildings and animals, although the animal photographs were not included here.

The tide is out, St Ives habour

 Blue skies at St Ives harbour wall

Porthwiggen Beach

 Blenheim Palace through the gates

 Blenheim Palace

 Blenheim Palace, the Water Terraces

 View from the Hollyhock cafe, The Terrace Gardens from up on Richmond Hill

Autumn leaves

The Terrace Gardens, Richmond Hill


  1. The Cornwall and blenheim palace ones are sooo good! X

  2. Thank you boo! I have a few more but these were the best x