Friday, 20 February 2015

Fandom Friday: Have Yet to Watch or Read

Every few months I like to reorganise my DVD collection and sometimes I'll extend this to book collection. I always make a pile of the unread books or unopened films, then proceed to vow to watch and read them all then very slowly actually read or watch them. But that pile grows ever bigger.

1. Unwritten Volume 9. The Unwritten Fables

This was a Fables/Unwritten crossover story arc. It didn't have anything to do with the Fables storylines but it was connected to Fables so I bought it with the intention to read. Alas, I have yet to and I'm actually really behind in my Fables too. I haven't read any of the Unwritten comics and I was hoping this may spur me on to. We shall see.

2. Fables/Fairest comics

 I think, as I am so far behind hide, I will be forced to wait until the paperbacks come out. I haven't read any Fables or Fairest comics since November. I have been caught up in books and my film magazines, but writing that just sounds like an excuse. I'll read the ones I have stored, then I'll catch up. I think I stopped because I knew it was all ending in June. That's right, in case you didn't know, Fables is officially ending in June.

3. The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

I was hooked on the Thursday Next series and I have now moved onto the next set of book in audiobook form. I loved the sound of the Nursery Crime Division as it mixes the Next series with a detective vibe involving crimes against literary characters. Sadly other books have come my way since I bought it and it is still on my shelf.

4. Banshee Season 2

For a while I was unable to watch US TV online so I had to wait and buy it on DVD the old fashioned way. After getting Banshee season 1 for my birthday last year I was hooked. The show is about a criminal who sets out to find his old partner/lover after being released from prison. He ends up pretending to be the local Sheriff of a small town that she now lives in under a fake name. The fake Sheriff has a few run in with local gangster/butcher who also happens to have rejected from the Dutch Amish community. Such a great show! It has been a sleeper hit, now in its in 3rd season. I only managed to see 2 episodes from season 2 and then had to endure the wait for the DVD release. I finally got my hands on it but its been a few weeks now. I think I am biding my time.

5. The Aristocats

I have only seen this film once and I don't remember much, just that song, 'Everybody wants to be a Cat'. I prefer dogs so it follows that I never had much interest for this Disney classic. Seeing as I have some Disney points to burn, I got a free DVD and as I had most or didn't want copies, I got this. Once day I'll watch it, I promise.


  1. great list! I love the Aristocats :)

  2. Thank you! I think I'm waiting for a rainy day to enjoy the Aristocats :)