Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fandom Friday - Fandom Accessories

My fandom accessories are a little different from the 'geek' norm. I own quite a bit of Moomin merchandise as well as the books and a DVD but that it's all about 'geek' preference. I also used to own so much Lord of the Rings merchandise but other the years, its all disappeared into the mysterious cupboard and not returned.

So, these are my 5 fandom accessories, film geek, comic geek, either way, I'm sure others have more interesting accessories.

1. Like all LOTR fans, they will have The One Ring. I used to wear it all the time in my youth so looks a tad old.

2. Teefury t-shirt, Tintin Man. I absolutely love this, it feeds my Tintin obsession and celebrates The Wizard of Oz. Win win.

3. After finally visiting the Harry Potter Studios, I had to have a souvenir. The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite book (and film) so I bought the amazing Marauder's Map.

4. One of my most recent purchases, Twin Peaks earrings, made by Kate Rowland and bought the eer so brilliant Crafty Fox Market.

5. Not too sure if this would be classed as 'geeky' but I'm a massive Yellow Submarine nerd so I bought these shoes. No other reason. Oh that I wanted them.

I think the most kind of 'geek' accessory I have comes in mug form.


  1. Those shoes are awesome and definitely deserve a spot xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. I love your picks! The Blue Meanies are so adorable in my opinion:)

  3. Great picks! That Tintin Man shirt is pure genius. And who wouldn't want a Marauders Map?

  4. They're super comfy to wear too, I was amazed when I found them :)

  5. Thank you! That is definitely the first time I've heard the blue meanies being described like that, they are hilarious villains though. But I just love Ringo the most in that film. It might be the outfit.

  6. Thanks! Couldn't resist the tshirt when it appeared on TeeFury. And yes, exactly! It's a works of art, even if it doesn't come to life hehe.

  7. I still wear the One Ring sometimes ;-) The Marauder's Map is awesome!

  8. I do too :) but it keeps falling off hahah!