Saturday, 8 November 2014

What I Love About Movies ...

To celebrate the release (and much talk) of Little White Lies book, 'What I Love About Movies' last month, I thought I'd share what I love about movies, film, cinema.

No matter how I'm feeling or what's been going on that day or even a few moments previous, I am absorbed into the story on screen. Sometimes, if it's been a particular spectacular film, I stand up and forget where am I for a second. I can immerse myself into the story and still be aware of the people near by but for those few hours, I don't care. All I care about is the film I'm watching.

I am proud to say, I have only once fallen asleep in the cinema and the circumstances will back me up. I was watching previews of films for two days straight, it was glorious. But I needed a rest and found myself drifting for about 10 minutes. I really needed that sleep. Other than that one occasion, I am glued to the screen, even if I don't like the film much.

That's what I love. No matter what, I'm taken in. I wouldn't say it was like I was part of the film, it's better. I get to watch everything and no one bothers me. Going to the cinema is part of the reason why I love movies. I settle in, I have my coffee and choice of fruit (most of the time) and I can sink down or lead in, lean back and its my time.

The main reason why I love films are the stories. I know people say you can get lost in a good book but you can explore through a good film. I am a story addict. If the characters are compelling or there's good dialogue, great, this adds up to a story I won't forget. Stories you can tell others, stories that seem new are familiar, stories go on forever and you're never tired. Films are stories and they're inspirations for my own stories too.

I've always loved film and I always will.

What I Love About Movies is out now

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