Monday, 28 July 2014

July Watch List

Alas, another quiet month for films. Even renting, borrowing and buying them. I was hoping for Boyhood, Finding Vivien Maier and some others would be on here but didn't watch them in time.

How to train your Dragon snuck up on people when it was first released. My sister and I wanted to see it because it dragons in it and of course we liked the story. We fell in love with the film, as did many others. In fact HTTYD is Dreamworks animation's most successful films (rating wise mostly), this is even after all the Shrek rubbish that they've churned out and the Madagascar films too.

Based on the successful children's books series by Cressida Cowell, the second film the planned trilogy, takes place 5 years after the events after the first film, all the main teen characters are all grown up. Excellent sign that there is already character development. Berk has fully embraced dragons and all is well, except there is trouble on the horizon in the shape of Drogo who commands a dragon army (in chains) and has set his sights on conquering the dragon master (Hiccup) and all the dragons on Berk. Oh and if you've seen the trailer, Hiccup's mother makes a dramatic entrance. Its a beautiful film. I hate to say it but the sequences between mother and son flying are (sorry I said this) breath taking. Everything about this film ticks all the boxes, the characters are brilliant and as I've said, they actually developed. The dragons are amazing and all unique, each with their own quirks and secrets. The film even goes dark which is brilliant but I can't say more than that. Only down side, Cate Blanchet's accent is the worst I've ever heard. Hint, its meant to be Scottish. That aside its an amazing film. If Dreamworks keeps producing films like this, Pixar AND Disney better think of something decent quick, no darn Planes crap and run of the mill safe Frozens.

I saw this film twice I loved it so much. Within two days. 5/5

I've had this Woody Allen film on my to watch list for ages, finally got round to watching it the other day. It was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be funnier, with more tragedy. Instead it was a very run of the mill story, apparently inspired by Pygmalion (My Fair Lady). Allen is Lenny, married, second time to Amanda, she wants a child so they adopt. When the child, Max is older, and they family have had some good times, the married couple go through a bad patch. Lenny then becomes obsessed with finding Max's mother who turns out to be dumb porn star/hooker, Linda (Mira Sorvino). She has the worst voice but well done to Sorvino to making her funny and annoying at the same time. The story is constantly interrupted by a Greek chorus which seemed pointless and stopped the flow of the story. Its not one of his best. 2/5

The trailer looked amusing for the film about a New York socialite who was once a promising playwright then hits rock bottom after she loses her job and her boyfriend breaks up with her, oh and she pretends to commit suicide. She is then forced into the care of her mother and live in New Jersey. Kristen Wiig is always great to watch but with all the other characters having their own overwhelming issues and annoyances her story is drowned out and made to look like 'she just made the wrong decision'. Although, there are some funny scenes and heart warming moments, it all felt a bit too generic. 3/5

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