Saturday, 12 July 2014

In Panoramic View

This week I went to Cornwall, mainly to visit the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, I do love those seals, but the trip was also meant to be a relaxing few days away from work. Alas it wasn't quite that.

The trip got off to a good (and very early start). We visited the self named 'world famous' Jamaica Inn and had coffee. Next was the Seal Sanctuary and we arrived just at the right time - feeding time. But after a mix up with B&Bs booked and the wrong location, things went down hill. Well not completely down hill. We had dinner, which was delicious, in the Pandora Inn situated on the Helford River close to Falmouth. We were staying in Truro, which I described as Fawlty Towers and not in a good way. I had the worst night's sleep, with the paper thin walls and the plumbing noises tearing through the walls and ceiling, I ended up being violently ill at 4am. By the morning I was worse. Not a great second day.

We walked around Falmouth, had a look at the art gallery, my parents even persuaded one of the curators to look at the art not in display. We then decided to take the ferry out to St Maws. I would have enjoyed the ferry ride if I had not been so ill or cold, I regret to say I spent my time in the cabin huddled against the wall. 

St Maws was amazing, such a beautiful harbour. I'm always amazed at how places in Cornwall don't look like they belong in UK. The water was so blue and clear! I attempted to eat a sandwich at lunch and managed one bite, I could barely move. I was still hustled off to the coastal walk up the hill to St Maws Castle.

Despite all my aches and pains that day I still managed to get some panoramic shots, taking in as much as possible before I fainted.

I spent the afternoon and evening in my B&B room partly in a delirium and partly sleeping the most uncomfortable bed ever. 

The last day was better, at least this time I managed breakfast. We drove to a cove near Redruth on our way home, I took many b&w photos which won't be seen for some time (I still have film left) but I went panoramic crazy. I tried to take a full photo of the ocean but the waves ruined the framing. But the three below came out nice. Again, another location that you wouldn't think was in UK.

Despite the illness and the crashing headaches, I enjoyed my time. Wish I hadn't been so ill. Hopefully I will return to Cornwall soon or maybe next year, we'll just have to see.

I did get to revisit a familiar sight. Hello old friend.

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