Friday, 1 June 2012

May Watch List: Part 2

Films I watched this past month continued.

11. Daybreakers
In 2009 a plague caused by a vampire bat has infected 95% of the population turning them all into vampires. Set in 2019, the world has adjusted to this lifestyle of living at night. Human numbers are few and rounded up and harvested. There is shortage and some poorer vampires have become desperate and taken to eating other vamps but this poisons them turning them into sub-creatures. Edward Dalton is in charge of finding a blood replacement. For a vampire film, its brilliant. Made in Australia for a budget Hollywood would spend on food, the story is great and although its labeled horror I didn't freak out that much, apart from at the incredible make up used. It is gross though. A fantastic film all round. 5/5
12. Julie & Julia

Based on the book, based on the original blog by Julie Powell. Julie decides to write a blog and set herself a challenge of making all 524 recipes of Julia Child cook book in one year. The films shows her progress and parallels it with Julia Child as she learns how to cook and how she wrote the book. I underestimated how good this film was. Streep is excellent as Julia Child, so good that I forgot she was acting. Its a great upbeat story and it inspired me to start my World Film Challenge. 4/5

13. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Based on a novel of the same name by Paul Torday the story it is about Alfred Jones who is asked by consultant Harriet who represents a very wealthy Yemeni sheikh who wants to introduce salmon fishing in Yemen. The PM's press secretary gets wind of this story and gets involved, after needing  good will stories with Anglo-Arab affairs. The film is slow, good hearted and rather amusing in places, especially Kristen Scott-Thomas who has the best lines. The story is short but dragged out. Even so I enjoyed it but anyone watching it, the ending is really annoying and actually quite frustrating. 2/5

14. Defendor

Arthur, a simpleton, is a vigilante called Defendor. He beats up those who are in the wrong then goes and eats pit afterwards. After beating up a corrupt cop he meets Angel, a prostitute who helps him with information about the infamous 'Captain Industry' who he believes is responsible for his mother's death. This has been compared to 'Super' but is really nothing like it. Woody Harrelson is amazing in this film, he plays the strong but vulnerable character so well. Also Kat Dennings is awesome as usual. The film at times is very moving not like 'typical' everyday superhero film at all. The ending was extremely sad, you can guess why. A overlooked film that should have got more attention. 4/5

15. Robin Hood

Remember all those Robin Hood tales you've heard? Well this is completely different. Not only is it historically wrong in places but Russel Crowe (and some of his merry men) can't control their accents. A few good performances (from the English actors and Oscar Isaac) but overall a waste of time. The film is about how Robin Hood became the legend and outlaw but in strangest round way possible. 1/5

16. Surrogates

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele the story is about how surrogates, humanoid robots, are used in everyday life. Originally created so that wheelchair bound people could walk but over years has turned into a source of vanity. But when two user are murdered while connected to their surrogates, FBI agent, Tom Greer has to investigate. Soon he uncovers a conspiracy. A great classic science fiction story that was different to other 'robot' stories. I do love a good sci-fi, especially when its not actually too far fetched. Plus Bruce Willis' surrogate hair was excellent. 4/5

Look out for the June Watch List!

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