Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flamingo Close

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I have written about RAAR! Films before, about the making of the short films we made. Here they are (click or copy and paste link to see them) for your viewing pleasure! The RAAR! team are awesome so please pass this link on to your friends, family, neighbours and whoever loves zombies. We need your support to make this awesome thing happen!

All information is on the site but here is a summary to get you excited!


We are RAAR! Films and we are dedicated to the production of cinematic entertainment. What makes us unique is our team of enthusiastic creatives that are brand new to the industry and dedicated to supporting other new and young talent in independent film production. We are always looking to get more people involved, raise the quality of our productions and to make films that everyone involved is truly proud to be a part of, wanting to come back for more.

Myself and the RAAR! team are really excited about this short. It is a brilliant script (written by Kubrick award-winning filmmaker Katie Hogan) with such potential both narratively and visually. We really believe that the majority of people out there (unless you don't like zombies for whatever strange reason) will really love seeing this come to life. We have a superb actress to take the lead in this short and so the funding is really the last thing we need to make this possible.

We have everything organised for this short we just needs the funds to pay for transport, renting equipment and props! Nobody will be paid with the money raised, it will go straight into the production of the short. By helping us to make this short happen you are not only creating a great film with lots of gore and awesome eery visuals, but also helping us on the way to make our feature film which this short is based upon. We will be using this short along with the previous one seen in our video to gain funding for the feature, so this is the one way we can really show potential investors what we can all make happen together!

 Please share, donate, spread the word so we can make these awesome films happen!

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