Monday, 7 May 2012

Goodbye Mary and Marshall

Its been 5 seasons of amazing television, 5 seasons of fantastic stories, 5 seasons of Mary being moody and I've loved every minute of it, especially when Marshall dressed in drag, definite highlight.

For those in USA, you might have heard/watched the glorious In Plain Sight, but those outside it may not have had the chance to. I know for a fact the UK only got DVD releases and a pitiful time slot at some obscure time on some channel no one watches.

The show follows Marshal Mary Shannon and her partner Marshal Marshall Mann, WIT SEC officers, but to me and you, they work for Witness Protection. The show is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, each episode Mary has to deal with a case/assignment/witness while trying to balance her unstable personal life.

The show was commissioned back in 2008 and when announced Jeff Wachtel, USA's executive vice president, original programming said:

"The Federal Witness Protection program is a secret world that really hasn't been explored in a TV series. The unexpected twist of the show is that the identity of a Federal Marshal cannot be revealed. If discovered, the Marshal's enemies would be tracking them down to eliminate witnesses. Our way into this franchise is through the character of Mary Shannon, a tough, funny, sexy woman with a high-risk, high-impact job, and Mary McCormack is one of the few actresses around who can pull it off."

And indeed she did. The whole cast over the 5 seasons have been excellent. Including all the guests (witness')agents and various estranged family members. The final episode/series was short but awesome. As with all FINAL episodes of amazing shows, I was disappointed with what happened but it made sense and actually couldn't have gone any other way. All lose ends were tied up and no cliffhangers, nothing left unsaid, and new beginnings hinted at.

For me 5 seasons was too short for this show and I'm still unsure of why it ended. I have heard nothing of cancellation just that it was ending.

To round it up, seasons 1 & 2 are available to buy in UK (Region 2) no word on season 3. In USA (region 1) seasons 1-3 with 4 on its way are available to buy.  Here is a link to the show's website but if you don't want spoilers, don't click on it:

I leave you on a happy note, this photograph and I hope you'll give In Plain Sight a chance.

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