Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Watch List

Films and Television programmes I watched this month:

1.  Death to Smoochy (2002, Directed by Danny DeVito)
A hilarious story about a corrupt children's TV entertainer (Robin Williams) who tries to kill/get revenge on his replacement, the all round nice guy, sometimes just too good, Smoochy the Rhino (Edward Norton). A really awesome film that doesn't conform no matter how many times you think it will. I was sold by the trailer because it has Edward Norton and Robin Williams just acting plain crazy.

2. Poirot Series 8-11
For anyone who loves Agatha Christie, murders, mystery and the 1930s, Poirot never disappoints. Having recently discovered that these series were on Netflix I went through them as soon as I could, that's how entertaining they are. But with costume dramas, I know it might not appeal to all.

3. Anonymous (2011, Directed by Roland Emmerich)
This films claims that William Shakespeare did not write any of his works but that the Earl of Oxford was the true author. All complete crap but the film, aside the crap, was really rather good. The entire look and feel of the film was amazing, the actors too

4. Resistance (2011, Directed by Amit Gupta)
A rather sad story set in an isolated Welsh valley in 1944. D-Day has failed and Britain is now occupied by German soldiers. The story is about group of woman, who live in the valley, who wake one day to find that their husbands have left. Without word or trace. Soon German soldiers arrive and take up post. Brilliant acting, some great shots of Wales too but it is very slow moving, hardly any dialogue. The story intrigued me more than anything. What if Germany occupied Britain? I would have liked to see more about that which is only briefly discussed through dialogue. It is also based on a novel of the same name by Owen Sheers in case you would prefer the book.

5. Puss in Boots (2011, Directed by Chris Miller)
Of course this is a spin off of Shrek and as expected is similar humour and plot. This is more like an origin story of Puss, of how he was an orphan and made friends with Humpty Alexander Dumpty and how they shared a dream to find those magic beans that would grow into a beanstalk and so on. The story is good but I didn't laugh as much as I had hoped. Puss was funny, Humpty at times was too but for me, it could have been better. Saying that, I did like the ending.

6. BBC The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair
Something from my childhood. My sister and I used to rent the BBC Chronicles of Narnia over and over. The Voyage of the Dawn Tredder was my favourite but when I got home I just wanted to see Tom Baker dressed as a Marshwiggle (Narnia fans know what I mean). I remember being very annoyed they never made The Last Battle or The Magician's Nephew. I still hope they will.

7. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
See previous post http://eversoethnicallyconfused.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/sweden-girl-and-journalist.html

8. The House Sitter (1992, directed by Frank Oz)
90's rom-com where its absurd and it takes it time to get to the point. Newton, yes Newton Davis (Steve Martin) proposes to him girlfriend by designing and building her house, she says no, he gets depressed and sometime later meets very odd Gwen (Goldie Hawn) who constantly lies. He tells her about the house, so she goes to his home town where it is and lives it while telling everyone she's his new wife. Chaos ensues. I laughed but the idea is rather annoyingly unbelievable, but I love Steve and Goldie. I did expect more from Frank Oz though.

9. Gnomeo and Juliet (2011, Directed by Kelly Asbury)
I know it may look ridiculous and I admit I wanted to see this when it was in the cinema BUT this film is actually really good. Look past the pointless 3D and its a classic, literally, it based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare but this time with gnomes. Those of you who don't know what the play is, you need to go back to school. It stays to true to the story quite well including a few deaths. Shakespeare himself appears and is questioned about the tragic tale by Gnomeo himself. 'Why does there have to be a tragic end?" Well in this case its a children's film so it has to be happy.

10. Morning Glory  (2010, Directed by Roger Michell)
Whoever told me this was good needs a slap in the face. Story about a go-getter morning show producer who tries to save a failing show. Everything she does is amazing and works. But oh no she has flaws, which we are always reminded of, and its that she works too much. Harrison Ford is amusing as grizzled old news reporter, but only for a while. Its predictable but not loveable. To be honest I only watched it because it was about how a television show is put together. That was actually interesting even if it wasn't accurate. 

11. RED (2010, Directed by Robert Schwentke)
Based on a comic book of the same name, RED stands for Retired & Extremely Dangerous, which is designated status of an agent. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired CIA agent and is suddenly targeted. On the way to find out why and by whom, he rounds up a few more retired agents (Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren). The casting is brilliant, seeing John Malkovich running, not very fast down a road with a fake bomb strapped to his chest is highly amusing. The story is great, makes me want to read the source material. Just an awesome film all round.

Next month there will be another watch list, so watch this space!


  1. Is this one going to be a regular feature? I like it lots! :)

    1. Indeedy! it will be, May is going to be twice as long!