Thursday, 29 December 2011

Playing Cards, No Sales and Hobbits

Christmas day. After working from 8 til 5:30 on Christmas Eve and then staying up to drink Baileys and finish a few quiz questions until 1am, I was VERY tired for the next few days.

But I did (as usual) get up early and open presents! We just couldn't wait to open and give out presents, just like the boy from the John Lewis advert. We only opened a few, otherwise we wouldn't have had much to open later.

After nibbles, plenty of port and lemon drinks and a quiz from my Mum (which my aunty and I won), we all sat down and ate a delicious Christmas dinner as well as some strange trifle and the good old christmas pudding (I didn't partake in that). We pulled the crackers, moaned at the awful jokes and laughed at the fact more than two people ended up with eye patches (I think my Nan had been conned by the Garden Centre, which is where she got them). We had another short quiz and then dived into opening all the presents! But the day was not over until we played cards! First my Nan bumped into me spilling coffee all over us, then we argued about the rules of 'Sweat', played a few games of 'Shithead' which produced the quote of Christmas from me. Having helped my Nan with her hand of cards, I saw what she had, so by the next round I was able to get her out or whatever and shouted 'BAM! You ain't got it!' then I realised who I was taking to and everyone burst out laughing. We played a few games of 'Donkey', with my aunty mainly ending up the donkey and then we retired to the living room for more tea and biscuits. An excellent day!

Boxing Day. This will be short. I had work that day but left slightly early so I could have a look round HMV, shouldn't have bothered though, practically nothing I wanted, shelves were empty. The whole shopping centre wasn't actually that busy either, especially where I was working. The shop was so empty I was able to do half the close before I even shut the shop. For the first ever time I was able to leave on time (well 10 mins over is nothing compared to 4 hours over). But while I was at work, my family were all having dinner together, I barely got to say goodbye to my aunt and uncle.

Lord of the Rings Day. I had been looking forward to this day for weeks, in fact ever since I found it existed. By chance I had been walking near The Prince Charles (marvelous) cinema and picked up the postcard advertising all three Lord of the Rings films being shown. Of course I bought my ticket straight away.

Luckily I wasn't alone, Foxo and her family also bought tickets. We all came prepared with plenty of food but in my case a pasty, coffee, many biscuits and an apple. Seeing the films again after 10 years since they had been in the cinema was amazing. The feeling was like the first time (except I knew what was going to happen) and they could not have been better. The films were as epic as they were. And whenever I watch one, I always want to watch the rest but never do. But this time my craving was fulfilled. I even found myself mouthing some of the words and songs to myself, I got more emotional than I did when I was younger (back than I couldn't cry at films) and I laughed more at things that weren't funny, but I still said 'bint' out loud whenever Eowyn was on screen, and cheered for Boromir (its Sean Bean, so why wouldn't I) and of course I cherished all the moments with my favourite characters Merry and Pippin. By the end I couldn't believe it was over, I was sad all over again, but as I own all three films, I can always watch them again, yet nothing beats the large, cinema screen.
I love this, its the only time you see the brother of Gondor (Faramir and Boromir) together

I have a lot to thank Lord of the Rings for, it was the film that made me want to make films. And all you anti nerd and anti LOTR people out there, I don't care that you all looked down at it while I was at school saying they were a boy's films because you were all wrong and naive and didn't know anything beyond frakin 'Legally Blonde' and at that age your taste was basically 'chick flicks' (its true so do not deny it), but I hope now you are all older and I hope wiser, that you'll give Lord of the Rings a chance.

Next up, both Ghostbusters films being shown, back to back. Who you gonna call? The Prince Charles Cinema so you can book a ticket!

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