Monday, 12 December 2011

Cake and Death: Part 3

Mother and daughter sat side by side on the yellow sofa, each with a cake in their hands.
-Was this is all in the dream?
Her mother spluttered with a mouth full of cake.

-Yes Mother. It was quite strange. It was as if I was watching it all happen but it was also as if it was a story, like a fairytale or something.
-Well yes, the way you’re telling it sounds like a children’s story.

She took a bite of her cupcake as her Mother sipped from her mug, a worried expression on her face.
-I’ll continue shall I?
-Please do dear.

The little girl’s mother sat by her daughter’s bed in Hospital. She had been sitting there for what seemed hours. The little girl hadn’t moved, spoke or done anything since eating that cupcake. The doctor said that she was had been poisoned and ‘she just needs to get it out of her system’. So they had had her on a drip for a day, but nothing.

The doctor walked holding a clipboard with a serious expression on his face. He looked at the mother, she stood up suddenly with hope in her eyes but all hope was taken from her when the doctor simply shook his head. The mother slowly sat down and took her daughter’s hand and held it in hers as tears began to fall from her eyes.

Meanwhile at the Bakery, the news had reached the Baker that the little girl had eaten a poisoned cupcake and was now in a coma. He looked at the almost empty tray of that day’s cupcakes. He wondered if he had sold a poisoned one yet and reached for a strawberry flavoured one. He half hoped that it was filled with poison but the other half just hoped that it was plain strawberry. He took a deep breath and bit into the cake.

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