Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Part 9

When the gunshot was fired both Hogansteins were at the bar. They were already in shock from the evenings previous events. Barbara dropped her glass of wine, Boris only spilt his drink. The glass shattered causing a few others to turn and look. The gunshot in the distance had sounded like a cork popping so no one made a fuss. The smashing glass got their attention but as it was a ball no one seemed to mind apart from one of the waiters who has to clean it up.

Outside, Jonathan and Kitty were standing face to face. Jonathan had fired his gun but not at Kitty. Devon Cain, who had been standing behind her, stumbled over and fell to the ground. Shot in his thigh. Kitty gasped and collapsed on the ground next to him. She started to cry hysterically while Jonathan blamed her for this and that he'd known all along about their affair. How could she betray him like this, how could she bare to look at him after what she had done, after what he'd made her do. He stood there and calmly said all this. Devon looked up and quietly spoke. He knew this would happen but he never imagined that Jonathan was the sort of man who would shoot someone. Jonathan answered that when the woman he loved and married betrayed him, it made him change.

Boris and Barbara by this time in the confrontation had moved over to the open window. Hiding behind the curtain they heard everything.

Still on the ground, bleeding, Devon asks Jonathan about his friend, George McJanet and did he know about the blackmailing. Jonathan smiles and says of course, who else would it be, but even his Private Investigator couldn't find proof.  From behind the curtain, it all makes sense now for Boris and Barbara. Devon's heart sinks. His mind wonders of the events earlier that evening when his friend had come to see him to tell him the truth about the debts, the blackmail and yes, the Hogansteins. He remembers how he had gone into such a rage. He couldn't believe his own eyes when he looked at his hands covered in George McJanet's blood. Looking up at Jonathan he wished that things had been different. He wished that he had never let go of Kitty, that he had never leant George the money and that he could have stopped that fire, all those years ago. Yes, as Devon Cain was about to die, not happy memories but regrets flashed before his eyes. With a few final words from Jonathan, you deserve this, and a cry of desperation from Kitty, Jonathan pulled the trigger. This time a bullet to the head. Kitty cries out. Jonathan Empire begins to walk away until he hears a click. He turns around, Kitty stands there, her dress covered in Devon's blood, holding a small pistol. Her face is stain with tears and make up. Her hands are shaking but she knows what she wants now. Jonathan springs into action and runs through the open door back into the ballroom. But as he passes the bar, he trips over the waiter cleaning up the glass from the floor. He fall onto the fall, people stand back and gasp. Kitty runs in and before he can stand up straight, Kitty shoots her husband three times in the chest.

Chaos follows. Kitty drops her gun and breaks down into tears, people rush around her, waiters check Jonathan's body and the Hogansteins, quietly disappear.

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