Sunday, 26 June 2011

Last Day of Briars Wood and Last Time Ever I'll Be In Hatfield

The view from my window:
So my last night ever in Briars Wood I spent helping Casper match his and Chris's socks. It was actually quite relaxing and very amusing. After that I was packing my stuff until 3 in the morning and I still haven't quite finished. I ran out of boxes and I can't put things in bags (my Dad doesn't like that when hes packing the car) so I stopped. I also need to clean the room, which I will do once the room is empty.

Reflecting on the past three years I realised that I have done things I never thought I'd do.
- Buy a teapot because now I drink tea, but only vanilla and strawberry tea
-I stopped biting my nails and they've grown (I did this for my cousin's wedding)
-I've never eaten so much pizza in my life! Dominoes is now my weekness
-I really got into comics while at Uni. I read them while at College but at Uni I discovered even more
-I wrote my last essay, a 6,000 word dissertation, which I'll never have to do again
-I've been introduced to films and tv shows I didn't think I'd watch

In conclusion, I'm so glad I went to Uni and now I'm really sad I'm leaving. I'm going to miss my awesome housemates and I'm going to miss getting up whenever I feel like it and I'll miss my free time which I could use to randomly go to the cinema. But I am happy to leave Hatfield as it is . . . well this sums it up:
This basically sums up Hatfield. Farewell my lovely, in some ways I shall miss you! And thank you UH!

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  1. I guess Hatfield is a bit of a bike with no wheels but you say you'll never go back? You never know, you never know. Currently planning a trip back to my old uni city after 3 years...