Monday, 13 June 2011

First Wedding By The Sea and More Film Festival News

Last week was the first wedding I had been to and it was definitely a day to remember. It was my cousin Claire and (her now husband) Jeff's wedding. Set by the sea in the forgotten area of Cornwall, it was picturesque to say the least. The ceremony took place in a church on a hill and the bride arrived in a horse drawn carriage, apart from the really mean and angry vicar, the ceremony went well. It was quite amusing during the hymns, as next to no one was singing. In my defense I cannot sing hymns anymore, I sang quietly to the hymns I had the words to though. After the ceremony we all waved the bride and groom off as the rode away in their carriage and we all made our way to what I can only describe as a film set because it looked too amazing to be real. Polhawn Fort, an amazing place, with a breathtaking view of the sea and its own private beach path (middle photo is the view from the garden of the fort). We all enjoyed some peach belinis, I had four then we all had a really good meal, delicious desert, extremely delicious cupcakes instead of cake (good choice) and plenty of rose wine, which I did share and later stash away behind the bar with my drinking pal for the evening. But of course all that wine did cause me to fall down, actually more like disappear, I even have photographic evidence of this event. The evening got better when the dancing began and even better when the silent disco started. Yes there was an awesome silent disco at my cousin's wedding. The entire wedding was great fun and I'm definitely looking forward to my cousin's (Claire's sister, Jeanette) wedding next month.

In other news, the Cinematique student film festival is becoming bigger than I thought. The festival featured in a new film related  New Empress Magazine, here is the link:

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