Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Small Screen Wonders

I feel that I have been quite preoccupied over the past week. Instead of writing my Helsinki post, which will be done this week and instead of writing/watching my Blind Spot pick this month, which will also be done later this week, I have been absorbed by TV.

It might be the new job keeping me tired and lazy so each evening I can't muster up the strenghth to sit at my desk and type. It might be the Helsinki trip itself, prepping, packing, walking, adventuring. It might be my slow month, that seems to happen. Or it could be that my room is very untidy (by my standards) and I can't concentrate properly when its like this. Or it could be my latest obsessions with TV.

The return of Kimmy Schmitt on Netflix was the starting point. I watched a couple of episodes on the last evening in Finland before bed and as soon as I landed home, I watched the rest of the series. I also had many other shows to catch up on, including another show on Netflix that my friend and I are really into. It's my escape as, to be honest, its a tad ridiculous but sometimes you need that.

Not long ago I noticed that Netflix had put out quite a few new TV shows mainly from Japan and South Korea. There was one about schoolgirl detectives that I listed but never watched, then a weekly show based on Japanese manga, Good Morning Call. I was hooked. I was shamefully hooked on this TV show where not much happens and everyone was over reacting to the smallest of things. But in a way, a simple story about a girl who decides to live alone for the last few years of high school but accidently ends up living with the smartest guy in school, is my escapism. At first it was really annoying to have those weekly shows on Netflix, its happened with Orphan Black now too, not cool Netflix. But now, after watching more intense shows, I can catch up with Nao and the gang and I can relax. This type of show is completely different to what I watch now, but then again, I used to love things like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which could be equally silly.

It didn't stop there. Netflix kept suggesting I watch other shows similar to Good Morning Call, so I watched another manga adaptation, Playfull Kiss which is a South Korean comedy drama about a not so academically clever girl who falls in love with a cold really smart popular guy. This one followed similar story to the Japanese TV show - no surprise there, but then it took off and followed the cast as they grew up and went to college and got jobs and so on, all in 16 episodes. Which I watched over a weekend. Oh dear. This show was even more ridiculous.

In the midst of all this I caught up with one my favourite police dramas, Line of Duty, which is about a team of detectives who work for anti-corruption in the Metropolitan Police. I missed the first series bit I was, again, hooked on the second and now the third. I was actually yelling at the TV, again. If you haven't heard of it or haven't seen it, its a BBC drama and its on iplayer now or if you're outside the UK, its online somewhere like Watch Series. Its such a great show and the cast are brilliant. That actually ends this week and most British dramas have a life of 3 series... BUT you never know.

Back to Netflix. Well almost. Of course my ultimate obsession, Agents of SHIELD was taking up mind but now I have a new show I;ve been slowly watching. Another South Korean show, Tomorrow's Cantabile, based again on Japanese manga and this time its set in a music school where two orchestras compete against each other. One with all the typical high achieving musicans, the other with the more lively fun ones. I think I'm enjoying this the most because its about something creative and it sort of reminds me ever so slightly of Mozart in the Jungle, which I loved.

Anyway, that's my poor excuse for the lack of activity on my blog lately. It will pick up.


  1. I've watched the second season of Kimmy Schmidt, and though not at par with the first, I still ended up liking it. I cannot wait for season 3! I've also seen Playful Kiss - I didn't know there was a Japanese version of it, I would like to watch it too.

  2. Playful Kiss is adapted from Japanese manga, Good Morning Call has similarities but its a different story, different characters :) its good though.

    I love Kimmy! I love Titus more though, can't wait for more next year!