Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Movie Playlist

Just like every year, I've been making my way through my Christmas movie list, this year with a few added titles.

I am actually currently watching Christmas movie number one, Muppets Christmas Carol. This is the perfect seasonal film, it has music, songs, a brilliant (human) cast, a hilarious and inspired adaptation of the ultimate classic Christmas story AND the film has muppets, it cannot be beat.

My list as follows:

Batman Returns 

- It takes place at Christmas and its a Superhero movie with Michael Keating. Plus Catwoman is one of the best villains, another winner!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

-This film can be a Halloween and Christmas, its a two in one. The animation is superb and the songs are very catchy, I find myself humming them from time to time.

Robbie the Reindeer

-Another brilliant animated short film, this time from Aardman. Originally a trilogy but its the first short that stands out, 'Hooves of Fire' where Robbie, son of Rudolph, has to compete in an Olympic type event in order to be part of the sleigh team.

Home Alone 2

-This is a new addition as I only bought this last year. Why not the first you ask? Well it was't on offer at the time and its usually always on TV at Christmas anyway. Watching Kevin run around New York and out smart the 'bad guys' is always a delight, plus there are some really amusing moment, mostly involving Tim Curry.

Die Hard

-Yes. Die Hard. John Maclane taking out the terrorists all in a dirty vest and no shoes and Hans Gruber saying 'Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.'

The Snowman/Father Christmas

-More classic animation inspired by Raymond Briggs beautifully illustrated books. If you don't get emotional watching the Snowman, you must be a Grinch.

Trading Places

-Watching Dan Aykroyd dressed as a drunk Father Christmas eating salmon on the bus is pure genius. Hilarious film.


-This was a new entry this year as it was the first time I had seen this Bill Murry seasonal adaptation. Essentially a Bill Murry getting angry playing a jerk with feelings sort of film, but the added Christmas Carol storyline makes a great film. 

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