Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Over Cluttered

After admiring my friend's collections of book, films and bits and pieces, I tried to re-organise my collections.

Spread over 5 bookcases (not all films) and 6 metal racks screwed to the wall, I emptied it all. I made the wrong decision to pile everything on the floor and re-arrange it that way. I ended up walled into my room, literally. Piled up against at the door, the bed and the sofa and I even filled a gigantic box and still it was difficult to move let alone put things back.

Anytime I start to re-organise or even dust the shelves, it turns into a mammoth task. I moved everything twice before settling on what arrangement I wanted. I look at it all now and still need to make changes as I remembered some of the vast collection was missing. I had a leant a few DVDs out.

The de-cluttering wasn't just limited to films. I had gone through books too to see if i'd miss anything or if I could get rid of books I had read but didn't want anymore. Not many as it turns out but I was successful on Amazon. I recently sold a precious art book. It was worth quite a bit of money and I did make a profit but I'll be sad to see it on my shelf anymore.

Clothes and shoes were also tossed aside. I've gone back to ebay-ing a few things that have been hanging around for way too long. Selling a few more items too but all these things have barely made a dent in what has been left.

Suffering from 'oh gad I have too much STUFF' syndrome happens too often these days. I used to keep everything back in Uni, just in case I could use it for a party as part of a costume or for a film. The odd bits and pieces came in handy. But I need a realisation check, there is just not enough space for me, Scruff and my DVDs. If my plans go ahead (more on that later) I'm going to need space and money. Selling off my wares is the only way to go.

So far, things are going little by little and thats just what its going to be for now.

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