Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How Close Is Too Close?

Anyone who has taken public transport, during rush hour whether it is London, Berlin or New York, has had their personal space invaded. And its just the worst. Looking anyway that isn't the person right n front of you's face. You end up looking at shoes for the whole journey. But maybe you're like me, if you look down, you'll fall asleep but theres so many people in one carriage you can sleep standing up, the force of the group holding you up. Anyway, people standing too close, terrible.

I was standing in a queue at Starbucks today at lunch, I had to experience this most annoying everyday issue. The person behind me was just standing unnecessarily close.

I noticed this person standing too close when I turn slightly and nearly elbowed her in the face. I edged forward, so did she. I moved to the side and stuck out my foot to bar her off. But she still moved forward, it was so irritating. I felt like turning around, hitting her with my bag and saying 'oh I'm sorry, did I get you? It must because you are standing TOO DAMN CLOSE!' But I didn't, I took a deep breath and stuck my elbow to gain distance. She was standing so close the woman in Starbucks asked if we were paying together!

There are times when you know you shouldn't be that close to someone else you don't know. It's just awkward. Others think it is socially acceptable to sit right next to another person when the bus or train is empty. Several hundred times I have been standing on the platform, waiting for the train and there has literally been a handful of people but 2 of those people decide its a great idea to stand right next to me, so close that I can nudge shoulders with them.

This also happens in the cinema. I end up moving a few times just because people think its ok to disrupt people and their view. Last time this happened I grumbled out loud. A couple had sat right in front of me and my friends so we couldn't see. The cinema was practically empty. So we moved and sat in front of them. Ha! I heard them moaning about it.

Back to standing too close. This is what it feels like:

I thought of doing this to teach the people a lesson but thought again after imagining the consequences.

Everyone is unhappy now.

I think the best way is to trip them up if they try to stand too close, that's what I did when I had to commute to London.

Watch out for those personal space invaders, teach them not to stand so close.

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