Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Goals

Looking back over my goals from last year, I am happy to say that I did actually achieve them all apart from saving money. I did say I would go to Budapest but I went to Cornwall, fair trade.

Behold! Here be my goals for 2014:

1. Finish novel - it can be done, I just needed time away from it. I know the middle and I know the end, it will be done

2. Go on holiday - seems simple but its difficult as it relies on me keeping to goal 3

3. Actually save money this year

4. Read even more - I did this last year I am proud to say but I still think I need to read more

5. Films - this may sound stupid coming from me, but I need to see more films either at the cinema or rented or borrowed or whatever, just more!

6. Hang up art -to make me feel more grown up, posters and things will be replaced with art

7. Take more photographs - haven't done much photography in these late months, need to get back to it

8. Lose weight - getting my exercise bike and I'm going back to very strict eating habits

9. MAKE A FILM - need to be more creative this year

10. Possibly have another massive clear out?

I might add a few more goals this month.

Started the New Year in the past, a 70s disco to be precise, had an amazing time, hoping this year just gets better and better.

Happy 2014 to everyone.

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