Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Hit, Miss or Maybe

1. Frozen - Maybe

Disney is now following the trend of using a traditional fairytale and changing it then calling it something that doesn't hint at the story. First there was 'Tangled', an amazing film that added in excellent characters and changed the story slightly, but the classic tale was still obvious to all. Then  came 'Frozen'. I love the Snow Queen story, she would have been an amazing villain, but alas Disney made a 3D film (not needed) and completely changed the classic fairytale. This should really just stand alone and new story rather than a reworking of a classic. Frozen is tale of two sisters, neither are evil, both are really amazing characters with even their own storyline struggles. The talking snowman Olaf is amazing and really should just have a series of shorts just for him. Love interest Kristoff and adorable reindeer companion Sven are great additions too but the story seriously lacks a villain. Don't worry there is one, but they are not revealed until two thirds of the way through. Its actually rather annoying. The song are also questionable, they did not feel very 'Disney' it felt more like a broadway musical score which isn't surprising seeing as a lot of the cast were in fact broadway stars. I think I only like two songs, Olaf's and the very catchy 'Let it go' sung by Elsa, the 'snow queen' or rather, the charcater who becomes queen and has been hiding her snow making curse. Over all I did enjoy it, just wish more of the songs were better and there was a villain.

2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - HIT

I had tried to hold back my excitement for this film, only to litterally scream during the credits on the day it came out, I was that excited and I am not ashamed. My co-workers were making fun of my fierce devotion to Middle-Earth, but I stood my ground (and won in my opinion). The story continues with the dwarves making their way through Mirkwood and the film takes a Lord of the Rings turn, the company splits up when they arrive at Lake Town, not in the book, Tolkien fans. Gandalf has his own storyline, also not in the book, but that doesn't matter, its amazing, not as interesting but bridges the gap between epics. As for the dwarves they have the best scenes, one of my favourite from the story is the barrel scene. The dwarves fight the elves and orcs while travelling at fast speed down the river, the co-ordination is perfect and even funny at some points. The additional character, Tauriel, seemed pointless at first but she's actually quite cool, that is until she is forced into the a stupid 'love triangle' with Legolas (yes he's back, he is a Prince of Mirkwood you know) and none other than Fili the dwarf. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! After my anger had died down, they had got back to the story. I loved the introductions for both Bard the Bowman and Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood elves. Both were amazing and will definitely, if the final film follows the story, have bigger roles in the next film. I also love the actors too, so to me, excellent casting. Now for my final mention, Smaug. The mightiest of dragon foes, his scenes at the end were amazing. Someone said they found it dull, they are wrong, having read the book and loved the chapter where Bilbo meets Smaug, it was a childhood memory come to life, plus I do love dragons, evil or good. I know everyone mentions that its Sherlock and Watson, but you will forget this fact as soon as Smaug wakes up. The ending was sudden but effective, and excellent cliffhanger so I won't spoil it for you. Better than the first film and so many beautiful scenes!!!

3. Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues - HIT

There is too much to say about this film. It is the film that didn't need to be made but I so glad they did. I was laughing out loud from start to finish. Not as quotable as the first but I'm sure once people watch a few dozen times quotes will be flying all over the internet, particularly some quotes about nursing a baby shark. The story is part historical part Ron Burgundy trying to get back on top, part him realising how important friends are and that he loves his family, that is the gist, without giving anything away. I barely knew the story going in and that is the best way to enjoy this continued tale of the famous anchorman. The cameos are pitch perfect too, especially in the epic battle at the end. We all expected it and they went that extra hilarious mile. Second times a charm.

4. We're The Millers - Maybe

Missed this first time around at the cinema, people raved about it and I liked the trailer and the idea because its just so true. Dress like a typical boring family and you can get away with anything, including smuggling in a truck load of drugs from Mexico. As I said I loved the trailer but the poster annoyed me. All the characters are stereotypes but they make seem original and fresh. I also felt the ending was predictable but it didn't matter because the film was just plain funny.

5. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Maybe/Miss

The cast was a big part of me choosing to see this. It has Steve Buscemi in it, enough said. But and its a big but, its about magicians and its actually not very good. Very predictable. Two young boys become friends over magic, grow doing a magic act become famous, end up hating each other. One is more of an arsehole than the other and has to go through a life lesson and the true meaning of magic and wonder while trying to beat the new outrageous competition. Apart from Steve Buscemi, who is always a delight, the cast are far better than the material they were given. But its not a miss, not just because of Buscemi, I did laugh at a few parts and that deserves something for the effort.

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