Thursday, 12 September 2013

Novel Writing Week 2

I'm already on week 2 and I am freaking out!

I've followed the helpful cards day by day but I've started to fall into old traps. I wrote the introduction, introduced the characters (sort of), established the locations (again, sort of) and I think I have a plot line.

But my old habit of coming up with a start and ending at the same time is back! I wrote the middle of the ending yesterday and continued the end of the start today. I can just see it get confusing.

The good news though is that I have reached 10,000 words! Well 10,348 words to be exact. Fingers crossed it goes well in the next few days as I need to write 5,000 by next week.

 As I said the other day, when I hit 10,000 words thats when the   hashtags appear!

Everywhere! If I see you and I'm wearing the sticker ask me! But if you don't see me, ask me!! I need the motivation!

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