Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

To be honest my birthday could not have gotten off to a worse start.

I came home from work thrilled from finally getting a BFI membership (and early birthday present) only to end up in an argument that I had no idea was going on. Then I was shouted at and a few hours later had a box in flowery wrapping paper dumped in my room and the door slammed shut. As I was in the middle of watching a film and quite tired I was slightly out of it and have no idea what was going on.

Anyway, I waited up til midnight, not because I excited but I had put some washing in and wanted to hang it up before bed. I thought about all my previous birthdays, most of which were spent at school, either the first day or near enough. While at University they were spent at home so celebrations had to be small, because of money and loans and things.

I had the worst 21st Birthday, I won't relate but basically I was very ill before I tried celebrating. That goes down in history as the worst birthday ever. But complete contrast was last year.

I wanted to escape the terrible previous year and I thought what better way than to leave the country. My sister wanted to go to Berlin, I wanted to go to Berlin so I spent my actual birthday getting up at 4am, getting a flight to Germany's capitol and walking around in awe at the German Film Museum. Amazing. The day was polished off with very cheap and delicious cocktails in the evening and I couldn't have had a better 22nd birthday.

On to my 23rd year! Of course I had to go to work but strangely enough, my sister actually had the day off.

After work, where my boss had made me some delicious meringues, I met my sister for cocktails at one of our favourite places, Drink Shop Do. If you haven't heard of it or been there before, you really must go and see for yourself how amazing it is. We enjoyed some fantastic cocktails, Strawberry Mojito, Sherbert One, The Quarter Year Crisis  and other such cool named fancies.

The evening reminded me of Berlin as it had been a similar set up, except this time I was home and I had a plan to go out the next day. We didn't stay too late as we both tired from the week.

The next day I saw Anna Karenina, amazing film (more on that is a future post) and in the evening I went out and partied like I had no liver! 

Awesome birthday weekend!

*Title refers to the poem 'Monday's Child'. I was born on a Thursday.

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