Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Challenge Excepted: Australia

I ventured to a continent that I haven't ventured to before, Australia.

The country is also Australia and the film is Sleeping Beauty.

When I first read about this film I thought it was going to be an interpretation of the beloved fairy tale. But with further reading and with the release of the film I read more into the story, thank goodness. I can tell you now it is most definitely NOT like the fairy tale nor does it resemble the fairy tale. This is an original and disturbing story.

I wanted to watch it after I saw the trailer and for the simple reason, I wanted to know what happened when she slept.

The story is about student Lucy who short on money to say the least. She has several odd jobs and it is insinuated she is also a prostitute, presumably so she can pay rent and her tuition. She answers an advertisement in the newspaper and is then invited to a strange interview where she is examined by Clara and explained the job she is to perform. Lucy acts as a freelance silver service in lingerie, serving at quiet, disturbing lavish dinner parties. After serving at another party, Lucy is called in by Clara with a different request. For this job she must be completely sedated. After a few more times, Lucy wants to know what happens to her when she sleeps.

The film ends on a strange note leaving you feeling unsatisfied and uneasy. There is not abrupt ending, just a long fade to black and an almost static shot. I wanted to know what happened next, what happened to Lucy. There isn't even room to wonder because the final dialogue is just a scream.

The film is very elegant and easy on the eye, meaning the colours and tone of the shots are easy to look at. This is a contrast to the bare script. This isn't a bad thing but there are a few plot holes which bothered me while watching the film. I did feel like I could have had more information about Lucy and the people she meets. The mystery of the organisation that Clara works for as well as her nameless clients works so well. You don't need names for the characters, their actions and dialogue express them character for them. If that makes sense.

Over all an odd film. A very different kind of Australian film.

End Line: Disturbing fairy tale-esque with an obvious caution.

Next: Wales, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, New Zealand, Romanian & Hungarian


  1. so what does happen while shes asleep? do you not find out at all? btw heres the liebster nomination :)

    1. You do find out but i don't want to give it away, unless you really want to know . . .

      ooo thank you!!

  2. I enjoyed your blog- I too was intruiged by the trailer and found the film to be quite different to my expectations. I did enjoy the ending though. My interpretation was that, throughout the movie, Lucy acts with total reckless abandon concerning money, her health and her life choices in general. She intentionally puts herself in dangerous situations, to see if she can provoke a reaction within herself. She is not only a literal 'Sleeping Beauty' as part of her job, but she is asleep all the time, totally detached from the consequences of her reality. The scream at the end signifies her awakening- the horrifying situation she finds herself in finally shakes her to the extent of extreme emotion. In that way, I found that the scream was quite a satisfying conclusion in terms of character development.

  3. I can see what you mean. In that sense the scream at the end is a perfect ending. I just needed something more final. It felt like the story could have continued further. But your interpretation makes me see the film differently. She finally wakes up.