Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Everything is a Good Idea at 2am

Some nights I just can't get to sleep and I mean deep sleep. I end up being only half asleep so therefore I am half awake. In this delirious state I have crazy dreams. Sometimes they are really disturbing, too strange to write down here.

When I was younger I had a notebook by my pillow so that when I eventually woke myself up from the dream I wrote down immediately wrote down what happened. The dreams ranged from continuously falling off a rollercoaster (Oblivion, in Alton Towers), to being Jim Carrey in a dress and drifting out to sea. Yes, I do mean I was Jim Carrey. But every dream has a common thread, apart from the dream I always have when I fall down the stairs, they are all the same. They are all like films. I don't mean they are cut together like films, I mean it is as if I am watching the films but sometimes taking part.

I understand it might be a strange thing to process but you're just hearing it, imaging living it or dreaming it. Like most people I have had plenty of dreams where I thought they were real. The one I can't forget was when I thought one of my friend's had died. But it was in a loop where I woke up and had to live it over. When I finally woke up, for real, my pillow was damp, I had cried in my sleep. I contacted my friend that day just in case. I was in quite a state.

As my dreams, delusions and such have real plots to them, they would make great films. But since I filled that notebook up and have actually misplaced it (better find it soon just in case someone else finds it) I haven't written may of my dreams down in time.

Luckily I vividly remember last night's hilarious adventure. Basically, I was Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's character in 30 Rock) and I was in charge of the Easter hunt. Several other characters from the show were taking part too. Part of the hunt involved having to dive into a swimming pool fully clothed, which is what the contestants did. This was because I had put the prizes in the pool, why? Nobody knows. The prizes turned out to be various sized metal desk fans. Surprisingly they weren't damaged by the water either but there were many confused people, all dripping wet holding their fans. Another part I remember was that I didn't actually know what the prizes were until they pulled out of the water. Also when I was pushed over it wasn't in the water, then when I did wake up, I was confused.

I thought this basic idea would make a great episode of sorts but then I think every dream would make a great film.

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