Saturday, 24 March 2012

90's Reunions and Rules of the Cinema

Last week I went to the good old Prince Charles cinema in London to see the awesome double bill of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion aaaaand Grosse Point Blank. What more could I have asked for? Well apart from another Lord of the Rings Trilogy screening, nothing more!

I would also like to point out that I saw this poster in the cinema toilets on the wall, and now it is on my wall in my room, hehehe.

Both films were played on original film, none of this DVD nonsense, it was fantastic but Point Blank had a bit of a slow start and the music was a tad off throughout but I didn't care. Two of the best 90's films in the one of the best cinemas, was a great experience. And I will be back for more.

If you live in London or planning on visiting it, go to Prince Charles Cinema. There are more Double Bills, Classic Films, Special Screenings coming up this month so have a look on the website and book your tickets

Aside from this joyous occasion, I thought I would talk more about the laws of Cinema. Not what is on the screen but how people should behave in the cinema. Before you say/think 'oh god, she's going moan again', this is not me moaning, but observing. Then saying what should be happening.

1. In a crowded cinema, it is ok if you talk through the adverts, its annoying but ok. But if it is silence, go with the room and don't talk.
2. If you know its going to be a popular screening, sit in your given seat or you will frak it up for everyone else.
3. However if its empty, sit where you like. Only petty people complain about seating when its empty.
4. If someone is sitting by themselves, they have obviously wanted to see this film alone or on the spare of the moment. DON'T sit right next to them or in front of them like an arsehole. Especially if you're in a group!!! Its common sense! (I had to move three frickin times because people were rude)
5. Don't talk during the film, unless you're an amazing whisperer or you are far away from people.
6. Don't show up during adverts (it happens, mostly with teens) its lame and it annoys everyone else.
7. If you're going to check your phone every 5 minutes, sit at the back because the light from the phone blinds people behind you.
8. Obvious one, don't throw things. Its stupid. If you're bored, get the F**K out of the cinema.

Just a few friendly pointers. Happy Cineme going everyone!

Coming soon: Epic film reviews/discussions aaand The Hunger Games (its awesome by the way)

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