Monday, 27 February 2012

It's Not a Gangster Film, It's a Western

Last Sunday I finally went to the marvelous BFI Future Film Festival. I got to see a panel of first time indie directors talk about their films and the harsh process of making an indie film, which was useful and actually quite amusing. I got to hear a talk about indie magazines from the people who make my favourite magazine, Little White Lies. I went to a blogging workshop which was helpful, so expect a few changes to this blog in the near future. And the best part of the day was watching a preview of actor Dexter Fletcher's debut film as writer and directer, Wild Bill. Simply awesome. Both Dexter and Will Poulter, who stars in the films stayed for an excellent Q & A after the film. It was a really great day and I can't wait til next year's festival.

But more about Wild Bill I think.

Now as usual here is the poster for the film, which was only released last week. Exciting stuff. But for this poster doesn't really sell how amazing this film is. Dexter Fletcher actually said that this film isn't a gangster film, it has gangsters in it but the story is about a father and his sons. It is also a western. This poster doesn't really say that. It says this is a British film, with gangsters. But I do like the colour scheme.

Enough about the poster. This film is amazing. The story is about 'Wild' Bill (Charlie Creed-Miles), who is released from prison after 8 years. He goes back home and finds his family in shambles. His two sons, Dean (Will Poulter) and Jimmy (Sammy Williams) have been fending for themselves for the past 9 months ever since their Mum ran off with a boyfriend. Dean has been providing for them as best he can by leaving school and working with a construction crew. At first Bill doesn't want anything to do with his family but things take a turn after his past catches up with him. There is more to the story but as I said before the focus is on the father/sons relationship.

From the start you can instantly tell this is a western, the same way Brick is a detective story. Everything has been thought out, from the costume designs to the setting of the story.It has been a while since I've enjoyed a true British film. Usually they are too gritty and no heart or they are the same sort of dribble like Adulthood and so on. But Wild Bill is serious and amusing at times and it has heart. The script is brilliant, all the characters have a chance to shine and stand out and don't feel like screen fillers, everyone has an actual purpose if if they are on screen for less than 2 minutes. They create a community that is believable. The cast are amazing, especially Will Poulter who I first saw in Son of Rambow, now he's all grown up and is becoming an exceptional actor.

I think it was luck that it was on at the festival because when I first heard about it, I was desperate to see it and I will definitely be seeing this again when it is released.

Here is the trailer to give you a taster:

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