Monday, 30 January 2012

What a Couple of Bitchy Agents

Yes, I am talking about J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson. And I loved how bitchy they were.

Not the best poster. Its just a tad odd with his mouth open, but it does capture what J. Edgar Hoover is like in the film, an angry ranting little man.

For those who don't know who J. Edgar Hoover, he was appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation which was a predecessor to the FBI, in 1924, he was crucial in the founding of the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972. He was also responsible for  'a centralised fingerprint file' which the police and FBI use today.

But on another note he was also known as a 'mama's boy' and a closeted homosexual. The latter being more controversial, some people don't believe this to be true, even people Hoover used to work with believed this, but then later said that he wasn't gay to save his reputation. Having looked Hoover up before and after the film, I think he was. Mainly because his life long Deputy, Agent Clyde Tolson, never left his side. They ate every meal together, they went on every holiday together and Hoover left everything in his will to Tolson. There just had to be something there.

Back to the film. I expected this film to be deadly serious, after all it is an Eastwood film, but it really wasn't. Edgar came off as a moody mama's boy who got angry with the slightest thing. He fired a man for having a moustache and if he didn't get his way, he went and held a conference/meeting. It was amusing in places and I'm not quite sure if it was meant to be but overall I really enjoyed it. As always Leonardo DiCaprio was great as Hoover even if he did look a little odd when he got older and had lots of extra make up applied. Armie Hammer was also brilliant as Agent Clyde Tolson, Hoover's alleged lover. They made quite a bitchy pair. Didn't matter what scene they were in together, they always managed to make fun of someone and or have a snide comment ready. It was great! But there were a few scenes where it turned darker. There is a scene where the two men are at the Races in California, they have just finished bitching about some woman, when Hoover says how much he likes Tolson, and he replies 'I love you Edgar'. Its incredibly sad, because Hoover then begins to talk about a woman who has met up with and 'got physical with' (but hes not convincing anyone). Tolson is heartbroken. They fight and Tolson goes to storm out, Hoover begs him to stay and as Tolson walks out in a very camp huff, Hoover whispers 'I love you Clyde' and breaks down into tears. As I said it really is sad at this point. But if you watch the film there are a few reasons why he doesn't go further. Hint: Mother issues, she's a homophobe.

In case you are screaming at me, 'You've just given everything away!' I really haven't. History has beaten me to it. There are countless books about him and there is plenty of info on the internet, so don't yell at me yet. I really did enjoy the film and if you're curious about this man, go see it but if not, just read about him at least.

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  1. Awesome film, I love it when you go in expecting a straight genre and then get a mix its so refreshing :D