Monday, 28 November 2011

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Friday afternoon I went to see The Deep Blue Sea and like every time I go to the cinema, there is a problem, incident or annoyance. It was the latter this time.

I thought I had struck gold when I found out the film was showing at Richmond Curzon, it meant I didn't have to trek up to London to see a film and it also meant I didn't have to rush anywhere. I got there just on time (or so I thought). Not many people were there and so I could settle in anywhere I fancied. Three in from the end of a row, I set my coat out, put my things down, ate my raspberry muffin and sipped my eggnog latte and felt ready to watch the film. Only bad part of it was I kept sneezing (I had a cold coming on) and my eyes kept watering. But it didn't matter I was settled. THEN. Literally as the film was starting, these two idiots came in, looked around at the empty rows in front of me and decided to sit in my frakin row. They didn't say anything they just looked me and gestured for me to let them pass. I said out loud "Really?" then quickly tried to pick up all my stuff but this wasn't quick enough for them, they just fumbled around and then sat right next to me. I looked at them again with my stuff in my arms and tutted at them and slumped back in my seat. Then I remembered how annoyed I got when I saw Drive so I moved all my things along, grabbed my coat and dumped it on the floor and moved up a seat. I made my point when I mumbled under my breath 'for god's sake'. I did my best to settled down again and only then could I watch the film, in peace.

It was worth all the fuss. The film was beautifully filmed, it looked like 1950's film. Everything felt and looked like it had been made in the 1950's (apart from the quality, so good). Rachel Weisz was brilliant. As were Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russel Beale (even thought he was hardly in it). The story is about Hester (Weisz) who is married to Lord Collyer (Beale) when she meets RAF Pilot Freddie (Hiddleston) and falls in love with him. But like her marriage where she cannot love her husband in the way he loves her, Freddie can't love her the way she loves him.

I was pleasantly surprised by the story, it was depressing like all the articles said, it was sad. Hester was an extremely sad character and she was looking for something that know one could give her. For me, there was very little to the story, originally a play, and I could see that, but it didn't matter, the long silences, looks and music were the most affective parts to the film. I favourite scene was were everyone in the pub are singing 'You Belong To Me' and just after this, it is just Hester and Freddie dancing to the actual song. Its just such a beautiful moment just because a really sad scene and you can tell its coming after the dancing part. So go see this film, its not depressing its about unrequited love.

Also here part of that scene I love:

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