Friday, 19 August 2011

To The Forest, To The Sea, And A Mad Tea Party?

This past week I've been very busy, which is good, in away. I went to the New Forest, like I do every year, for a short break with my Aunt, Uncle and Nan. There were plenty of trips through the forest, to tea rooms and to the sea. Milford-on-sea is such a relaxing place to be. It's not a sandy beach but there are awesome places for rock scrambling.

After the sea, we went to the very charming and delicious Lavender Farm tea room. We ate the best homemade tomato and cheese scones and a most excellent coffee cake. Lots of things on the menu included lavender, including their homemade jams that they sold but I wasn't too sure about eating lavender. It was a great place, shame the weather was a tad on the grey side but still a great place to visit, I recommend this place to anyone visiting the new Forest.
After the joys of the forest and the sea, it rained the next day, so much that it was on the news. So we all took shelter in one of my favourite cinemas, Harbour Lights (Picture House Southampton). We saw Arrietty, the latest film from Studio Ghibli and oh my it was beautiful. We saw the dubbed version, but with animation it doesn't really matter, the quality of the animation was amazing. The story was just how I remembered from the old BBC children's TV show and my Aunty told me that it was very close to the book.

When the rain finally stopped, the sun came out but it was time to leave Lyndhurst and make our way back to Whittonium! Before we left we had Cream Tea at The Mad Hatter's Tea Rooms and I had a wonder around one the best crafts shop I've seen in a while. I would have spent a lot more money than I had on me, I was like a child in a sweet shop or me in HMV during a sale. I held back and only picked up a few items to start the re-birth of cards and a few other things to get me started with my own Tea Party that I plan to have. Watch this space, it will happen, I have a book and everything.

To conclude, I have a great time and I always love going back to the New Forest. Love the room I stay in and the collection of Moomin books my Aunty has. Looking forward to my return.

In other news I've also had a very stressful week, underneath all the fun. I've been organising a shoot that takes place this weekend for an advert. It feels just like Uni so I know what to do but this time there are less resources and less time. Its starting to come together . . . . but more on that later.

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