Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Considering A Career Change, Its Not Too Late, Right?

 A small incident just happened that upset/annoyed me. In the grand scheme of things, its as insignificant as a eye lash in your eye, but right now, its rather important. I've decided that a career change might be good, but after some research, I realized Piracy, even Pirates of Penzance style, is illegal. So my second choice is poetry. Yes poetry. I like very few poems and poets and hated studying it in school and college. I think poetry readings are pointless and that they are over the top. All these negative issues aside, I can write poems, published twice has proven that. So I will become a poet and write words no one will read or hear (unless by some luck I'm published again) and live in a haze, drinking coffee late into the night, drinking port in the day, all the while writing and writing.
If this plan fails I have a second back up. I will work at a Seal Sanctuary. In fact I will work there and write poems only about seals, the book will be called 'Sealed With Approval' and I will see the ocean everyday. Life will be good. Or I will wake up tomorrow and try and forget the incident and get on with my film. We shall see.

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