Around the World

Originally, this challenge was meant to last a year but seeing as its been harder than anticipated I'm extending the 'Around the World' posts until I reach 80 films. 

Keep up to date with the countries and movies I'm watching @HoganShogan

Countries visited so far:

Finland - Rare Exports
France - Blind Date
Saudi Arabia - Wadjda
Japan - Instant Swamp
Iceland - Rams
Argentina - Eva Doesn't Sleep 
Ireland - My Name is Emily
India - The Lunchbox
South Korea - The Handmaiden
Spain - Fermat's Room
Australia - Girl Asleep
Germany/Austria - Toni Erdmann 
Poland - The Erlprince
Germany - Goodbye Berlin
Vanuatu - Tanna 
Hungary - White God
New Zealand - Whale Rider
Zambia/France/UK - I am Not a Witch
Nowary - Thelma
Kenya - Supa Modo
Austria - Joy
Lebanon - Capernaum
Russia - Guardians 
Chile - Ema
Tunisia/France - Arab Blues
Scotland - Our Ladies 
Estonia/UK - Firebird
Italy - The Traitor
Croatia - Aleksi
Portugal - Sunburn